Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I Met Up With The King Queens

Last night I was charmed by the Swedish Söderberg sister duo, First Aid Kit.

My friend was gracious enough to score me a spot for this fortuitous experience at The Echo. I was awestruck by their soulful lyrics and eerie harmonies, delivered by voices mature far beyond their years. The Echo was a perfectly intimate venue for these humble, yet powerful performers, who were able to bring a typically chatty and disconnected LA crowd to silence as they stepped away from their mics to deliver an entirely acoustic melody. Beautiful.

This review from the BBC is a perfect description for their debut album.

Now, excuse me while I go put on a paisley peasant dress and pick at my guitar by a bonfire...

Monday, October 4, 2010

Fall in.

Fall is officially here and I am ready to cozy up with all its splendors…

Maybe it’s from living in a city where sunshine beams 90% of the time, but I am somehow magnetically energized and inspired by the gray, chilled days. I’m drawn into a fantasy of curling up under some magnificent medieval tapestry with a sketchbook, surrounded by piles of vintage bound books, scientific prints and old maps plotted with intended adventures.

Just downloaded the latest Deerhunter album, Halcyon Digest, and drawing up proposals for the burl and resin mixed media cabinet/drafting table I am about to embark on crafting.

What are you getting under the covers with this fall/winter??

cozy up with The Selby